Jason Giglio
Vice President

Jason started young in this business, going to work with his father during school breaks and holidays. Jay graduated from Binghamton University in 2001 with a BS in industrial organization and a minor in management. He immediately started working full time for Xtraire and has been here ever since. Jay has done it all… installations, project management and now he is one of the owners/ partners.

Samuel Roslow
Residential Sales

Through his five years’ of experience in the industry, Sam supports the Xtraire team with service management and sales, helping achieve the client’s goals to create a comfortable living or work space.

Michael Benevento
Office Manager


Author John Grogan (“Marley & Me”) once said, “It is amazing how much love and laughter they bring into our lives and even how much closer we become with each other because of them.”

Love and laughter are keys to our happiness — and that’s exactly what Ace brings. When you see the face of the Ace that Runs the Place, you know that you’re getting unparalleled quality, service, and healthy indoor air quality — courtesy of your friends at XTRAIRE. That way, love and laughter can continue to flourish all throughout your homes and businesses. For we are Always by Your Side — that’s the Ace Guarantee!