Category: Residential

Thermostats & Controls

Ensuring the Life and Performance of All Your HVAC Equipment Thermostats and other HVAC controls are essential to properly monitoring HVAC conditions and levels throughout your home all year round. Without them, you lose valuable insight into elements that directly impact your comfort at home, including moisture, humidity, temperature, and other readings. That’s why it’s [...]
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Indoor Air Quality

A Journey Toward Cleaner, More Breathable Air When it comes to the quality of the air inside your home, you don’t take it lightly. Under certain circumstances, poor Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) can cause the air inside your residential space to become up to 100 times more toxic than outside air. We spend the majority [...]
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Ductless Systems

The Perfect Residential Air Solution Looking for a quiet yet effective HVAC solution for your residence? Installing ductwork in your home can feel impossible. Make the process easier with ductless systems by Xtraire. A More Manageable, Hassle-Free HVAC Option Ductless systems are incredibly efficient units with low noise levels, making them the perfect solution for [...]
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