The Natural HVAC Option for Heating and Cooling

Geothermal systems are a great option to consider if you’re looking for a more cost- and energy-efficient option to incorporate into your HVAC maintenance plan for your commercial space. For commercial spaces that cover a relatively large amount of area, the geothermal option may be the solution that’s right for your building.

How Do Geothermal Systems Work?

To heat and cool your commercial space, geothermal systems work by drawing from the fluctuating temperatures in the ground beneath the surface of the earth constantly, using natural convection as opposed to the process used by traditional coil systems. With geothermal systems, heat sources can derive energy from either the ground or water to regulate airflow and temperature throughout your building.

Why Choose Geothermal?

  1. Cost
    Don’t waste your time or money managing unnecessary and expensive equipment. Heat and cool your home without the stress of a traditional unit.
  2. Efficiency
    No ductwork or unwieldy physical units means greater flexibility and efficiency for you during the inspection and installation processes.
  3. Convenience
    This wall-mountable HVAC option gives you the freedom and control you need to manage all aspects of your business or building at all times.
  4. Maintenance and Lifespan
    The geothermal HVAC option means you enjoy high-quality performance (with regular maintenance) for up to 15 years—that’s even longer than the typical lifespan of a traditional unit!
  5. Comfort
    Enjoy the comfort and air quality you deserve with this natural, eco-friendly HVAC option that achieves and maintains the temperature that’s perfect for all areas of your building.

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