Achieving Optimal Indoor Temperature

Depending on your industry, inadequate heating or cooling within your commercial building can dramatically impact the success and productivity of your business as a whole. That’s why you need commercial HVAC service, repair, and inspections that will keep your equipment running at its best around the clock, all year long.

However your commercial space is configured, Xtraire has the tools and expertise needed to heat and cool your building effectively.

In addition to the services and repairs we offer as standard maintenance, we also service the following:

Ductless Splits

The perfect supplement to bulky traditional HVAC units. Efficient and versatile, this commercial HVAC option is wall-mountable and easily manipulated to suit your commercial space.

Hot Water and Electric Heating Coils

Build-up of harmful pathogens, including bacteria, mold, dirt, and other debris, can cause significant damage to your HVAC system, and dirty system coils are a prime location for such allergens to grow. Clean them regularly as part of your maintenance plan service.

Heat Pumps

Keep your HVAC system running at its peak performance by regularly inspecting heat pumps, which hold the main responsibility of heating and cooling your entire space, for damage caused by natural wear-and-tear.

Radiant Floor Heat and Snowmelt

Keep your exterior surfaces clean and low-maintenance during the freezing months of the year with these heat installations. Eliminate the time and energy associated with tiring winter maintenance involving snow removal and de-icers.

Fresh Air and Exhaust Systems

Make sure fresh, clean air is being circulated throughout your commercial air by investing in (and maintaining!) high-quality fresh air and exhaust systems to contribute positively to the overall health and well-being of your employees and the efficiency of your building.

Kitchen Exhaust Hoods and Fans

As you should with your exhaust systems, ensure properly functioning kitchen exhaust hoods and fans to maintain an optimal temperature throughout your commercial space, and especially in areas that involve food preparation.

System Controls

Don’t take your ability to monitor your commercial HVAC equipment for granted. To properly heat and cool your commercial space, invest in the devices that are optimized to suit your building and industry.

Our team also has experience with all types of building systems and applications, including the following:



Police and Fire Departments

Municipal Buildings



Retail Stores

Contact us today for a free estimate on your next commercial HVAC inspection or to learn more about the ways you can best regulate the temperature of your commercial space.