Commercial HVAC Service When You Need It Most

At Xtraire, we understand the need to have access to high-quality commercial HVAC service and repair when you need it most. Without it, your business risks inefficiency, which can result in system malfunctions that can further impact the productivity of your overall business plan.

Don’t let the layout or square footage of your space prevent you from achieving and maintaining optimal airflow and temperature in your building. At Xtraire, our team of technicians considers every aspect of your space, wall-to-wall.

Below are just a few of the commercial HVAC service and repair options we offer our clients with commercial buildings:

Rooftop Units

For businesses looking for an effective way to improve Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) quickly and efficiently, rooftop units are a cost-friendly solution that provide flexibility in unit installation and monitoring.

Ductless Splits

For business owners and facilities managers that seek an energy- and cost-efficient option for heating and cooling their commercial space with versatility, ductless splits offer hassle-free installation, making them the perfect supplement to larger traditional units.


Don’t sacrifice the control over your commercial HVAC equipment that monitoring provides. Ensure cleaner, more breathable air is distributed throughout your space by making sure your monitoring equipment is operating correctly and safely.


Dry air can affect all elements of your business, namely the health and comfort of your building’s occupants. Eliminating the symptoms of irritation doesn’t have to be expensive. Xtraire is ready to work with you to determine the affordable option that’s right for your commercial space.

Air Purifications Devices

Pure air is what every building manager strives for. Depending on the needs of your business and the layout of your commercial space, the Xtraire team will work to put together an Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) improvement plan that achieves real results.

Make-Up Air Units

“Make up” the air inside your commercial space that has been filtered out through various channels in your building. Enjoy tempered fresh air from outdoors that replaces stagnant air that cannot be recirculated through standard methods.

Exhaust Systems

HVAC systems involve heavy-duty equipment that can exude harmful gases into the air we breathe. That’s why it’s essential to the health and well-being of your building’s occupants to perform regular inspections of your HVAC system’s exhaust channels and pipes.

Energy and Heat Recovery Ventilators

Energy efficiency is more important than ever. Through the process of energy and heat recovery, you can heat and cool your commercial space by exchanging exhausted energy in your conditioned area to treat incoming outdoor air.

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