Managing Commercial HVAC Equipment Effectively

At Xtraire, we work with facilities and building managers to ensure they have the monitoring capabilities they need to effectively manage their commercial HVAC equipment, to which thermostats and other HVAC controls are essential. Without them, managers lose insights into moisture, humidity levels, temperature, and other readings that can help inform maintenance decisions and plans.

That’s why it’s important to find the HVAC monitoring equipment that best suits the needs of you and your technology.

Xtraire services the below devices, as well as every other make and model of thermostat and control systems currently on the commercial HVAC market:


Programmable devices give managers the hands-on experience of manually setting their device specifications.


For those seeking a more digitized, customizable option, touch-screen thermostats give controls a more modern design.


Online capabilities make wifi-operated thermostats a convenient solution to monitoring HVAC conditions remotely.

Xtraire has the HVAC tools and expertise to service your commercial space when you need it most. Contact us today for a free consultation or estimate on your next installation.