Ductless Systems for Your Commercial Building

As an owner or manager of a commercial space, you want to feel in control over the equipment that’s used to heat and cool that area. With a traditional commercial HVAC system, building managers may not have access to the level of flexibility and maneuverability necessary to maintain an optimally comfortable space due to the limitations of their heating and cooling equipment. These traditional commercial HVAC systems, often bulky and unwieldy, may prevent individuals from placing their heating and cooling equipment in the locations with conditions that are optimal for system performance.

With ductless systems, including ductless air conditioners and ductless heat pumps, building managers can enjoy the flexibility granted by a commercial HVAC solution that can accommodate any space, regardless of layout of size.

The Importance of Flexibility for a Commercial HVAC System

With any commercial HVAC system, flexibility is important to maintaining the optimal temperature and humidity level appropriate for the space, its location, and the time of year. That’s why building managers should consider a heating and cooling option that is capable of adapting to and fitting into any space.

The Ductless System Solution for a Commercial HVAC System

For virtually any commercial configuration, ductless systems are capable of providing the flexibility necessary to achieve optimal comfort and clean, breathable air. Ductless commercial HVAC systems offer countless placement configurations for any space, maximizing the level of comfort that the heating and cooling units are able to deliver throughout the building. As an added bonus, ductless systems maintain minimal visual impact, making for a cleaner, sleeker looking work area. What’s more, ductless systems are manufactured in many shapes and sizes, and they will not require an installation of ductwork into the walls of your space.

Choosing Xtraire for Installation Needs for Ductless Systems

By working with Xtraire, clients can depend on the knowledge of our experienced HVAC technicians for their commercial heating and cooling needs. At Xtraire, we understand the importance of finding the commercial HVAC solution that’s a right fit for the space. For many commercial buildings, the answer is a ductless system.

For more information on ductless systems or to inquire about an installation, contact the Xtraire team today.