Leaking Air Ducts: A Guide to Prevention

When you think of leaking air ducts, you’re probably thinking of dripping water — but did you know that leaks can also come in the form of air? That’s right, your ducts could, in fact, be leaking air — which leads to some serious problems in the long run. Here’s how you can combat leaking air ducts — courtesy of the Comfort Club at XTRAIRE.

Identifying Leaking Air Ducts

Blast Your HVAC System

leaking air ducts

If you suspect that you have leaking ducts, one of the first measures you may want to take includes blasting your HVAC system. This way, you can spot any spots in your home or building that are receiving inefficient and inadequate air supply. Once spotted, gather any tools necessary for performing repair work, such as a screwdriver for removing panels and access plates, insulation spray sealant for sealing air leaks, and tape measure for measuring gaps between existing ducts and new sections (if required), etc.

Use Incense or a Smoke Pencil

Another way to identify leaking ducts is to use incense or a smoke pencil. The smoke emanated from these sources will help illuminate the potential leaks. You can spot these by noticing if the air twirls or blows in another direction.

Physically Inspect Your Ducts

Perhaps the most common sensical solution to identifying leaking ducts is by physically inspecting them. Some things to keep an eye out for include holes in the ductwork, damaged seals, and poor insulation.

Fixing Leaking Air Ducts

Seal with Mastic

If you’ve discovered leaking ducts, then it’s important that you seal them up immediately — and you can do so with mastic. Mastic is a great way to seal your air ducts, especially given its texture and purpose. Mastic is a sticky substance that can be used to fill gaps and cracks, and it’s a common way of sealing air ducts.

Just be sure that, since it is dirty work, to use the appropriate tools to apply the mastic. It’s recommended that you use a putty knife, paintbrush — or if using your hands, use rubber gloves.

Insulate Ducts

Insulation is the most effective way to prevent air loss from ducts. Adding insulation to ducts before installing them can help keep the air in your home warm, and should be considered if you’re having any kind of remodeling done on the house.

Call the Professionals at XTRAIRE

If you suspect that you’ve got leaking ducts, it’s best that you call the trained professionals to diagnose and fix those damaged ducts. Better yet, you can get ahead of the curve by scheduling a maintenance visit — that way you won’t be burdened with leaking ducts if the time comes (and hopefully it doesn’t!).

At XTRAIRE, our expert technicians have the knowledge and competency to assist you in all your HVAC needs. To have your system serviced and to learn more about our offerings, contact us today and visit our website for more information!