The Perfect Residential Air Solution

Looking for a quiet yet effective HVAC solution for your residence? Installing ductwork in your home can feel impossible. Make the process easier with ductless systems by Xtraire.

A More Manageable, Hassle-Free HVAC Option

Ductless systems are incredibly efficient units with low noise levels, making them the perfect solution for spaces in your house that cannot accommodate traditional air conditioning systems and ductwork due to space restrictions and other factors.

Additionally, these systems can deliver the same quality and comfort as that of traditional HVAC systems, but without the hassle of managing complicated ductwork configurations throughout your home. Ductless systems are also available with heat pumps, allowing for both heating and cooling, which makes them a versatile option for any application regardless of the area or layout of your home.

The Benefits of Ductless Air Conditioning

Energy Efficiency
Over are the days of heating or cooling an entire floor or residential building. Ductless heating and cooling systems are zoned in a way that enables you to heat or cool specific rooms at any given moment. Save time and money by avoiding the labor associated with ductwork for a bulkier traditional system.

Low Noise Levels
Overall, ductless HVAC units are significantly quieter than traditional central air conditioning or window AC units. In fact, ductless units perform at a similar sound frequency to that of a human whisper, optimizing the temperature in your home without the noise of a clunky, noisy traditional HVAC unit.

The versatility of ductless HVAC units knows no bounds. Unlike traditional central air conditioning, heating and cooling functionality for ductless systems originate from a single unit, eliminating the need to accommodate a larger system with extra space in your home.

Multiple Zone Capability
Thanks to varying size options, ductless HVAC units are an incredibly flexible HVAC option for homeowners. Available in both single-zone and multi-zone varieties, ductless units allow the Xtraire team the flexibility to install ductless units in virtually any space in your home.

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