A Maintenance Plan Tailored to You

To keep your residential HVAC equipment running at peak performance all year round, your home depends on high-quality maintenance to achieve optimal temperature and airflow throughout all areas of your home.

At Xtraire, we offer the following services that can be used to craft a custom maintenance plan that fits the needs of your home:

Custom Maintenance Services:

Filter Upgrades

Dirty filters provide the perfect environment for harmful airborne pathogens to make their way into and throughout your home. Changing them often is a key element to any maintenance plan—in fact, it’s often the very first step!

Drain Line Cleaning

Failing to properly clean your system’s drain lines can lead to build-ups and clogs, both of which can do significant damage to your residential HVAC unit. Eliminate smells and noises caused by your system by properly cleaning drain lines throughout the year.

Air Handler and Condenser Inspections

Proper inspection of your air handler and condenser equipment is crucial to the overall performance of your HVAC system. Circulate cleaner air by ensuring your air handler and condenser are functioning properly and unobstructed by other equipment or debris.

Thermostats and Controls

Your thermostat and controls are crucial to monitoring the HVAC conditions throughout your home. Faulty equipment can also lead to an increase in drafts or hot spots. Ensure well-regulated airflow by frequently checking all HVAC controls.

Operation Checks

As with thermostat and control inspections, operation checks are an important element of any residential HVAC maintenance plan. The most effective way to identify problems with your HVAC equipment is to perform regular operation checks for all system functions and components.

Humidifier Installation

Prevent irritation from dryness in the air by pushing out higher levels of moisture with humidifiers. Eliminate the uncomfortable symptoms associated with the common cold and the flu with the appropriate unit for your home.

Refrigerant Pressure Inspections

The team of experts at Xtraire will be able to perform a complete and thorough inspection of your refrigerant pressure, an important element of your HVAC maintenance plan for your home.

Air Purification

Pure air is what we all strive for. That’s why the Xtraire team is determined to improve the quality of your air throughout your home with solutions that best suit the needs of your space and your family.

Depending on your unique needs as a homeowner, your space needs a professional HVAC team that understands residential limitations and has thorough knowledge of industry best practices for servicing your equipment. Regardless of the layout of your home, Xtraire will craft a maintenance plan that’s right for you.

To begin building a maintenance plan that suits the needs of your home, contact the Xtraire team today!