The Benefits of Smart HVAC Technology for Commercial Buildings

In the modern age, technology is our friend – and it’s no different for the world of commercial HVAC. It is critical for most businesses to maintain comfort throughout the year, whether for the sake of their products or the comfort of their employees.

But how much is this really costing your company in both the short and long terms?

Compared to the summer, spring, and fall seasons, electricity rates can climb by as much as 600 percent during the winter months. Fortunately, though, businesses can save thousands of dollars each year by finding strategies to keep expenditures under control while maintaining comfort.

The Importance of Establishing More Efficient HVAC Practices

Commercial HVAC systems are usually one of the most significant utility expenses businesses must deal with each month. As such, it’s in the best interest of building and facilities managers to identify more efficient commercial HVAC solutions.

It is possible to save thousands of dollars each year by finding ways to cut HVAC expenditures. With the continuing integration and growth of “smart” technology and HVAC equipment, the capabilities of HVAC controls appear to be limitless.

For a long time, the only way to save money on power bills was to simply raise the temperature on your thermostat – or turn off the unit completely – and then adjust it when you returned. Then, however, as technology advanced, thermostats and other smart HVAC solutions have become far more useful for commercial buildings.

The Power of Smart HVAC Technology for Commercial Buildings

Smart HVAC controls are the brains of the operation when it comes to achieving more efficient heating and cooling measures for commercial buildings, and it is via these smart controls that our systems are able to achieve the savings we strive for. 

As part of our service offering, Xtraire works with facility and building managers to ensure they have the monitoring capabilities they require to effectively manage their commercial HVAC equipment, which includes thermostats and other HVAC controls. Managers lose valuable information about moisture levels, humidity levels, temperature, and other readings that can be used to inform maintenance decisions and plans if they do not have access to them.

That is why it is critical to choose HVAC monitoring equipment that is compatible with your needs as well as your technological environment.

Xtraire provides maintenance and repair services for the devices listed below, as well as for every other make and model of thermostat and control system currently available on the commercial HVAC market, including programmable, touch-screen, and wifi-operated controls. Contact the Xtraire team today to learn more about the smart HVAC solution that’s right for your commercial application!