A Maintenance Plan Built for You

Often treated as an oversight, maintenance is a crucial element of your HVAC service plan that will help keep your equipment running efficiently season after season, as well as extend the life of your investments in the long-term. By partnering with the Xtraire team, you can begin building a maintenance plan that has been tailored to suit the needs of your commercial space.

By working with the Xtraire team, your commercial HVAC maintenance plan will increase productivity and prevent costly downtime.

Custom Maintenance Includes:

Filter Upgrades

Eliminate the harmful airborne allergens that can make their way through your commercial building via dirty, clogged air filters. Inspect them often as part of regular commercial HVAC maintenance.

Drain Line Cleaning

Build-ups and clogs can cause serious damage to your commercial HVAC equipment. Reduce the strain placed on your commercial unit by regularly cleaning your drain lines throughout the year.

Air Handler and Condenser Inspections

Better air is circulated through your commercial building with properly functioning air handlers and condensers. An HVAC technician will be able to perform a more thorough inspection of the units and free them from any obstructions.

Thermostats and Controls

The ability to monitor the HVAC conditions and temperature in your commercial space is incredibly important and very valuable to budgeting for your building. Achieve and maintain a consistent airflow with equipment you can depend on.

Operation Checks

An overall inspection of your commercial HVAC equipment is crucial to its lifelong performance quality. To identify HVAC related problems before they become costly or dangerous, regular maintenance performed by a licensed technician can help give you that peace of mind.

Humidifier Installation

Humidifiers are a wonderful option for regulating the air in your commercial space. Give your employees and customers the comfort they deserve by preventing irritation with higher levels of moisture provided by a quiet and easily managed unit.

Refrigerant Pressure Inspections

An important element of any commercial maintenance plan involves a thorough inspection of your refrigerant pressure to prevent leaks or tears before they cause further damage to your HVAC system and equipment.

Air Purification

Xtraire is in the business of providing our customers with cleaner, more breathable air without breaking the bank. Our team of technicians will work with you to determine the Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) solution that’s right for your commercial space.

Contact the Xtraire team today to begin building a maintenance plan that suits the needs of your commercial space or business!