Maintaining Optimal Temperature at Home

All year round, you trust the comfort of your home with your HVAC partner. That’s why our experienced team of technicians have the know-how and resources you need to maintain all of your HVAC equipment for proper heating and cooling capabilities, regardless of outdoor weather conditions and potential indoor space limitations.

Regardless of your situation, there’s an Xtraire solution for you.

In addition to all standard HVAC services and repairs, we also service the following:

Ductless Splits

An efficient yet versatile HVAC option that is wall-mountable and very easy to manage, making them the perfect supplements to larger, more traditional HVAC units.

Heat Pumps

Your heat pump is responsible for both the heating and cooling of your home. Keep it running at top performance with thorough inspections and regular cleanings.

Hot Water and Electric Heating Coils

Eliminate the dangerous build-up of harmful pathogens such as dirt, mold, dust, and other debris with proper and regular coil cleanings.

At any point during the year, it’s essential to make sure the temperature of your home is optimal to maintain comfort and keep your HVAC equipment performing at its best. Contact us today for a free estimate on your next HVAC check.