3 Ways to Extend the Life of Your HVAC System

Some of the biggest maintenance headaches facing you as a commercial or residential HVAC owner are the various types of repair and replacement needs that must be performed on your unit. While you could always go with a cheap labor option, it pays to take care of your equipment. Keep ahead of the game on performance without ruining your budget by extending the life of your HVAC system. 

In order to extend the life of your HVAC system, you can take a number of actions, all of which are easy and affordable. If you’re interested in extending the life of your HVAC unit and saving money, then read on.

Replace the Air Filter Every Month

Some people don’t realize how important it is to replace their air filters every month. It’s important because it can cut down on energy costs, keep your home or office space comfortable while saving you money, and it can extend the life of your HVAC system by keeping the system clean. A clean air filter allows for cleaner air in your space, which means fewer dust particles in the air that could get into your lungs and irritate allergies or asthma.

Keep the Area Around the Condenser Unit Clear

Air conditioners work by removing heat from an area, so they need to be able to access hot air and direct it outside. If you have bushes or other plants near the condenser unit, trim them back. Make sure there are at least two feet of clearance around the unit for optimal airflow.

Schedule Regular HVAC Maintenance Visits

Although easy to neglect, regular HVAC maintenance can save you money in the long run. It helps ensure that your system is functioning at its best, which helps reduce energy use and operating costs. Regular maintenance also helps prevent major breakdowns that may require costly repairs. Finally, regular HVAC maintenance can extend the life of your system, ensuring you get the most out of your investment.

Typically, the most common cause of unexpected AC system failure is a lack of scheduled maintenance. Therefore, if you want your AC system to last long, it is vital to schedule regular HVAC tune-ups. Visit our website to schedule an inspection today