Weighing the Benefits of Portable Air Conditioners

According to ACHR News, portable air conditioners have seen a rise in demand. With their ease of transportation, they present a convenient option for indoor environments that don’t receive good air supply — though it might come with a cost. Here are the pros and cons of portable air conditioners.

Pro: Portability

As the name suggests, portable air conditioners are great for both commercial and residential spaces given its portability.

Consider an environment that receives poor airflow and is a victim of weak air balance. These are optimal areas for such conditioners, as they provide on-the-spot air. It should be noted, however, that despite its ease of transport, the use of portable air conditioners usually highlights an area that may need HVAC service.

Air balance is, as the name implies, the assurance of even airflow dispersion throughout a commercial or residential space. With poor air balance, this generally indicates that your ductwork may need inspection for faulty parts in need of repair.

Pro: Lack of Installation

Another benefit of portable air conditioners is that they do not require any installation. Through this, you don’t have to worry about shelling out money for professional services. Instead, you can just use your conditioner right out of the box! On top of that, you won’t have to worry about having ductwork inspected either!

Pro: Healthy Indoor Air Quality

portable air conditionersFor areas that don’t have good airflow, they may suffer from unhealthy indoor air quality. How? Because poorly ventilated areas don’t receive the care from HVAC systems that they require. This, in turn, leads to air infested with dust, dirt, and other airborne particles that may be injurious to health.

Fortunately, portable air conditioners can help remediate and circumvent this problem. Brittany Calderon, product manager of consumer products at Friedrich Air Conditioning Co. even told ACHR News, “There is a positive impact to air quality when using the air filtration that typically comes with a portable air conditioner. For example, [Friedrich] air conditioners are shipped with washable antimicrobial filters, which are effective at capturing larger pathogens.”

Con: Portable Air Conditioners Can Lead to High Energy Bills

Though portable air conditioners can provide temporary reprieve from poor air quality and airflow, you do run the risk of higher energy bills at the end of the month. Having them running at all times, while receiving less conditioned air than from an HVAC system, may prove to be less economical over time. Consider getting your HVAC system serviced in the long run.

Con: Best Suited for Small Rooms

If you’re looking to cool off a large space with a portable air conditioner, you’re out of luck. These conditioners are actually best suited for smaller environments, as the air pumped out is not sufficient enough to spread throughout larger environments. If you’re looking to cool off a large room, consider having your HVAC system serviced by trained professionals.

XTRAIRE’s Commitment to Excellence

At XTRAIRE, we want you to feel comfortable at all times — whether it’s at home or in your office. While portable air conditioners do provide some temporary comfort, having your HVAC system professionally serviced is the best option for your space in the long-term.

If you’re a Long Island resident or business owner in need of HVAC servicing or repair, please visit our website and give us a call today! We’re more than happy to help.